Is this really spaghetti?

Why don't you do what Takao asked you?

It will soon grow dark.

Can I bum a fag?


My happy schooldays will soon be behind me.


The law has gone through parliament.

Among our friends, there are Serbs and Croats and Muslims.

Archie went on a blind date.


Patty often brings his work home.


I was hoping you'd tell me.

Bees feed on nectar.

The asteroid belt contains at least 40,000 asteroids that are more than 0.5 miles across.

What's new with you?

I was hoping to receive an e-mail from Hubert today.

It could be advantageous for me to continue this way.

Our headquarters are located in another part of town.

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She was dumped by her boyfriend via a text message.


For instance, gauges, such as thermometers and barometers, are instruments.

Good leather will wear for years.

I've never flown in an airplane.

Neil apologized to the families of the victims for the explosion at the factory.

Conrad put all his stuff in a box.


The village is connected with our town by a bridge.

They bake good cakes.

This is the beginning of a new era.

"Fay would never lie." "If you knew, my dear, if you knew."

I got extraordinary grades.

He's a riot!

Kyle said he wasn't tired.

The noise abruptly stopped.

Rex is a language nerd.

Written for children, this book is easy to read.

He listened to my pitch, so he must be interested.

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I don't know how to address you.

Kuldip says he feels a lot better today.

Gretchen promised me he'd be here by 2:30.


How much time did you need for that?

Look at the flowers trembling in the breeze.

Mwa ate something that made him sick.

That child is a headache.

He said he was going to take a risk.

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I often play soccer after class.

Lester doesn't listen to anyone.

Galen is a ruthless businessman.

Something has happened to him.

I'm so tired - I worked all day long.

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She gave him a few pointers on pronunciation.

It's not usually this busy.

Kirk asked me for an opinion.

Wait a minute! Hang on!

He cried how silly he had been.

She couldn't study abroad for lack of money.

The police tracked down Vaughn to his house.

May I be excused from tomorrow's class?

Using Chaplin's words "count your garden by the floweres, never by the leaves that fall."

The police car skidded to a stop.

Come near the fire.


I told Harv I'd spend the day with him.

That's worth considering.

She turned away to hide her blushes.


Don laughed loudly and inappropriately.

She asked me if I wasn't feeling well.

I'm not going to let you waste my time.


Ofer is usually at home on Sunday evenings.

What time do you want me to be here?

She tried to hide her mistake from us.


You have the right to consult a lawyer.


Leave while you can.


Jeannie never wanted to be here.

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We have a huge job ahead of us.

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He's an aristocrat.

Casper buys our vegetables.

We've never seen one like this before.


We need to get you home.

It was touch-and-go there for a while.

Let's leave when you are ready.


No one would hurt us.

Jwahar was held up in a traffic jam.

Are you frivolous?

Who else could've done it?

He looked after our dog while we were out.

Sometimes I go and sometimes I don't.

That was unexpected.

This is a tribute to all the Native Americans who died to defend their land, their people and their culture ever since Christopher Columbus set foot on their land.

Mitchell will want some of this.

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He had an interview with the Prime Minister.


I want a single room if possible.

They're only crocodile tears.

I'm supposed to help Win clean his room.

Now we look compact and comfortable, as the father said ven he cut his little boy's head off, to cure him o' squintin'.

I've just arrived from Paris.

I hope no one sits in front of us.

He called in to say that he'd be late.

Arthur isn't as happy as Mike.

The cherry blossom is in April.

We'll straighten everything out.

Karen wants to see you as soon as possible.

How many cookies did you make?

I'm not sure what to do next.

It's always the same.

Who said I was ashamed?

I dare not go back.

Ramesh told me that he wanted to teach me French.

Sugih stabbed Dominick in the stomach.

They celebrated Sandra's success in getting a promotion.

The permafrost is thawing.

We need a sample in addition to materials.

Cookie's house is under repair.

Both of my parents can speak French.

The graph in Figure 1 illustrates the differences in the means of total scores for white and black subject in each grade.

That's really impressive!

Vick asked Stevan to recite the poem she wrote.

Jeremy saw a rat in the subway.


How many sisters do you have?

I see fireworks!

He is our driver.

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As soon as he went out of the house, it began to rain.


He's in the other truck.

It can be done.

She implied that she would like to come with us.

Many people never get it right and end up landing jobs in government. How they do it will forever remain a mystery.

Having slept well last night, I feel very fine this morning.

Everyone is staring at him.

Detroit has one of the highest levels of gun violence in the world.

Why didn't the alarm clock ring, even though I set it? Now I'm definitely going to be late.

With time on our hands now, let's do some good.


We're moving in next door.

Ramadoss doesn't know when it'll happen, but he's pretty sure that it will happen.

She gave money.

Would that be wise?

She washes the car.

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I want to kiss her.

How well do you play golf?

The coach made him a good pitcher.


Toil and worry caused his health to break down.

Youth is wholly experimental.

I beat him on points.

I can understand everything he is saying.

I want to learn all the words on this list before July first.

It's not normally like this.

Saumya has always been like that.

Do I look that stupid?

Let's get this show on the road.

Just tell me the truth. I promise I won't get mad.

Don't tell me you're not going to Murph's party?

They discussed the problem.

She told me a lot about you.

He hailed a cruising taxi.

Proud warrior, he answered, do you have an economist in your army?


Dan doesn't want to look heartless.

You do like us, don't you?

We're in this thing together, right?


Now is the winter of our discontent.

How many sisters does Neal have?

We can do better than that.


Heinz wasn't supposed to give Jesse any money.

You should change your password frequently.

'Polynesia' is a Greek word that means 'many islands'.

No suitable comment offered itself to Elizabeth.

Patricia was certainly enjoying himself.

I anticipated that.

They were perfect.

Rand promised Wayne that he'd be home by 5:30.

There's a war going on.

They sell everything here.

Can you imagine how Andreas feels?

It's not why I'm here.

The waffle is unchewable.